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Award-Winning Results for

Adams County

Eva Henry grew up in Adams County and raised her children as a single mother, fighting to put a roof over her family's head and food on the table. Eva is now working to make sure our families and seniors get the resources they need to make it through these difficult times, while also championing a long-term plan for good-paying jobs and local small business.

Eva's Service

As your County Commissioner, Eva has worked to turn resident priorities into local action for good-paying jobs, great quality of life,

and powerful resources for justice and opportunity.

Good Jobs for Adams County

Invested in homegrown small businesses and economic development with a revolving loan fund for new local jobs 

STEM and Science Careers

Won the relocation of large new Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) employers and aerospace companies to Adams County’s Colorado Air and Spaceport

A Chance for All Children

Offered opportunity for low-income families with four-year scholarships for children receiving free and reduced school lunches

Human Services Innovation

Eliminated barriers to public access and created collaborations for services innovation by bringing programs together under one roof at the Pete Mirelez Human Services Center

Spaces to Play

Championed quality of life and outdoor civic spaces with $86M for parks and open space

A Place to Call Home

Lead partnerships to create hundreds of new affordable housing options in our community


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